Redington Natural Resource Conservation District

"Providing Resources for the Conservation-Minded Producer and Landowner"

What is a Conservation Education Center? 

  • Many districts have established education centers specializing in environmental education. The purpose of the Education Centers is to promote a balanced appreciation and awareness of Arizona’s environment.
  • Centers provide unbiased “hands-on” programs addressing local environmental issues that are practical and relevant.

Redington Natural Resource Conservation Education Center

The Redington Conservation Education Center is a non-profit (501(c)3) organization that is funded by the State of Arizona from sources such as the Environmental License plate fund. It is also funded by the NRCD and through tax-deductible donations from individuals and from grants. The Education Center is governed by the NRCD Board of Directors and other individuals appointed to the Board.
As employed by the Redington NRCD, environmental education consists of educational programs for school children, landowners and the general public to explain how the natural environment functions and how rational land management can provide economic and aesthetic benefits to people while protecting ecological productivity and environmental quality for the future.