Redington Natural Resource Conservation District

"Providing Resources for the Conservation-Minded Producer and Landowner"

Redington NRCD Board of Supervisors

Meet our Supervisors 

Andrew Smallhouse, Chairman 

Andy Smallhouse is a fifth generation rancher in the Lower San Pedro River Valley. His family has owned and operated the Carlink Farm and Ranch in Redington since 1884. He lives and manages the ranch with his wife Stefanie and children Hannah and Johnny. Andy graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science and minor in Rangeland Science. For ten years he has been running the ranch while installing more efficient water use systems for their irrigation and building upon the ranch management plan that his father began several years ago. This involves pasture and water management to allow for a sustainable grazing management plan.

His grandfather was a charter cooperator and Supervisor for the Redington NRCD when it was first established and since that time there has always been a Smallhouse serving on the Board of Supervisors. He is the third generation to serve as a Supervisor and believes natural resource conservation to be critical for a sustainable farming and ranching operation.

Elected - Term expires 2022

Bryan Hartman, Supervisor

Jess Barry, Vice-Chairman

Jess Barry has primarily a ranching background and has worked on several big conservation ranches in south-eastern Arizona and southwest New Mexico. Jess' career has spanned many areas of ranching from small family ranches to large scale production outfits, and has also worked as a farrier, windmiller, fence builder and a cowboy. Currently, he is employed by the Natural Resource Division of Pima County, and he and his family reside on the A7 ranch near Redigton. Jess is actively involved with many conservation practices and projects both for wildlife habitat and livestock. With his background, Jess hopes to bring Redington NRCD a knowledge of the ever-changing struggles that our lands and operators face on a daily basis. He hopes to be a positive addition as a Supervisor on the board, and is pleased to be a part of conservation at this level.

Elected - Term expires 2024

Joel Maloney, Supervisor 

Appointed - Term expires 2020

Kean Brown, Supervisor 

Appointed - Term expires 2020